The smart way for families
to manage content and
time online, on any device.

Circle makes the impossible task of managing your family’s Internet-connected devices easy!

Circle is your simple solution to manage them all, stay in the know with what your kids are up to, and find some balance at home.


Manage every device on your existing home network. With Circle Home, parents can Filter content, put a Time Limit on screens, set a BedTime for every family member, and more.

Circle Home pairs with your Wi-Fi router and allows you to manage every device on the network. By keeping track of all Internet traffic in your home, everyone gets an online experience customized just for them.

The smart family device.

Manage mobile devices anywhere!


Manage your family’s mobile devices outside of the home and across all networks! Add a Circle Go subscription to your Circle Home or compatible NETGEAR router, and get started free for 30 days.

Ever wish you could manage your kids' devices wherever they went? Well, Circle Go takes everything you love about Circle and extends it to 4G LTE as well as any Wi-Fi network your kids join.


Now with Circle on NETGEAR, families can access all of Circle’s great features on their compatible router. Filter content, limit screen time, set a BedTime for every device in the home, and more!

Families with supported NETGEAR routers can now enjoy all of Circle’s features without the need of a Circle Home device.

The power of Circle, built into your home network.